Hamilton, Feel the Burrn Patch
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This is how patches get designed sometimes. True story.

My husband and I were out taking a walk in the cemetery by our house, and I said, "I want to make some Hamilton patches. But I want them to be based in actual history, because public domain. But I want them to also make people think of the musical, because Hamilton."

Mike replied, half jokingly, "What if you did a flintlock pistol with a caption that says, 'Feel the Bern', only you spell it 'B-U-R-R-N'."

And then I laughed out loud so hard that we knew we had to actually make this patch.

This sew-on patch is stitched on off-white cotton canvas and measures 4.25" by 2.5".

All patches are made to order. Please allow up to 7 days for construction before shipping.

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Hamilton, Feel the Burrn Patch

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