Rapunzel's Tower Patch
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Fairy tales have been a part of my culture for centuries, since long before the Grimm brothers began collecting them and writing them down. They've changed -- oftentimes edited by the Grimms themselves -- and been re-told and re-imagined so many times it's difficult to keep track of them all. And yet in each one, there are images and moments that are iconic, and which always stay with us, through all the re-tellings.

In the original Brothers Grimm story, the witch discovers Rapunzel's nightly visits from the prince when Rapunzel asks her why she's getting so fat, and why her clothes no longer fit.  This allusion to Rapunzel's pregnancy was removed from later versions, although the fact that she gave birth to twins long before her happily-ever-after remained. This design shows Rapunzel's very pregnant silhouette in her tower, her hair like spun gold spilling over the edge as she waits for her prince to come to her.

The sew-on patch is stitched on gray cotton canvas, and measures approximately 4.7" tall by 3.2" wide.

All patches are made to order. Please allow up to 7 days for construction before shipping.

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Rapunzel's Tower Patch

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