The Tell-tale Heart Bookmark
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You know that feeling, when there's something you desperately need to keep secret? And the more you talk to the person in front of you, the more convinced you are that they absolutely know you're lying, and can see the guilt written all over your face?

Yeah. Edgar Allen Poe knew that feeling, too.

The great thing about our embroidered bookmarks -- besides just being awesome bookmarks -- is that are still fully functional as sew-on patches, too! Use it to hold your place in your favorite novel, or sew it on a bag or jacket to show your literary loves to the world.

This bookmark is embroidered on tan cotton canvas and measures 6.67" tall by 2.17" wide.

All bookmarks are made to order. Please allow up to 7 days for construction before shipping.

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The Tell-tale Heart Bookmark

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